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The easiest to use and most inexpensive MICR font on the web -- TEN YEARS STRONG! -- Still only $19!

The Covix MICR font is the standard font used by all North American (and most foreign) banking insitutions. It is the font used for numbers on the bottom of many financial instruments, most notably, checks.

With the Covix MICR font, your printer and check stock, you can print valid checks right at home or in your office. This font can be used with checks that work with Quicken, or any other check stock.

The Covix MICR font is a TrueType font, and as such, can be scaled to any size. You only need to install one font! And, it works with any laser or inkjet printer.

You DO NOT need any special toner or ink to print valid checks with the Covix MICR font. The Federal Reserve did away with the requirement that the MICR numbers be printed with magnetic ink years ago. Any ink or toner (as long as it's black) is sufficient. Beware anyone that tells you that you need to buy high-priced magnetic ink or toner. Almost all banks have gone to newer, optical check reading, which has eliminated the need for magnetic ink.

The Covix MICR font has been used to print tens of thousands of checks, and not one customer has reported any bank failing to cash or honor the checks. In fact, I used this very font in a standard HP Deskjet printer to print my own payroll checks.

Please note: the MICR font includes only numbers and special characters required by the banks. There are no alphabetic characters (letters) included with the Covix MICR font simply because there are no letters specified in the Unicode MICR specifications.

Once you purchase the font via the button below, you will be returned to a page on this website where you can immediately download your copy of the font. If you are not returned here, please contact us immediately.. The Zip file is tiny, about 3K, so the download takes two seconds. Simply unzip the file, and install the TrueType font the way you install any other TrueType font on your machine. This method varies if you are on a Mac, PC, or Linux/Unix computer. Please consult your operating system manuals for the proper way to install a TrueType font. Also included in the Zip file is chart showing how to get the special characters required.

Finally, I strongly recommend you uninstall the demonstration version of the font, if you had installed it, before you install the full version. Installing both the demo font and the full version can cause confusion.

You can download a demo version of the font by clicking here. The demo version is the same as the full version, except that the special characters that are required in order to print checks have been removed. You can print numbers to get a sense of how the font looks, and to see whether it will work for you.

You can purchase the full version, which is still only $19.00, by clicking the Buy Now icon below.

COVIX.COM Domain Is For Sale - Contact Us